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Salt Lake Tribune endorses Kyle LaMalfa for City Council

"LaMalfa is good for area’s future"

The Salt Lake Tribune Editorial Board endorsed my candidacy for the Salt Lake City District 2 Council seat.  (Click here to read the endorsement online.) In the endorsement, the Tribune acknowledged some of my opponent's accomplishments, but went on to say, ". . . the district is facing different problems now"

The facts are, the District 2 that my opponent ran for 12 years ago has changed significantly and continues to change.  I was inspired to run because I saw that District 2 needed a new type of leadership.

The three main points of my campaign are the West Side of Salt Lake City deserves a Working Leader, Stronger Communities and a Plan for our Future.

As a Working Leader, I will be the #1 supporter of the West Side.  I will be working to protect and improve all of our property values, our neighborhoods' reputations and our common West Side interests.  I will communicate regularly with any constituents who are willing to talk.  As your City Council representative, I will be a champion for our interests in the City.

From this, we will develop even Stronger Communities.  So many of our issues will be resolved by communication.  Our schools will perform better through partnerships and improved support from our city.  Our new libraries will better serve our community by interacting regularly with residents.  Our police force will find new allies in their mission to protect and serve through effective application of existing resources and as they need more resources, they will find a strong advocate on the city council.

As we go forward, together the Plan for our Future needs the input and support from as many West Side residents as possible.  The announcement that District 2 would be the home to the next Parole Violator Center is an example of what we need to eliminate.  When faced with major changes to the makeup of our neighborhoods, we need to make sure that District 2 residents are involved at the beginning and not just notified at the end.  The future is coming and I will ensure that we all have a say in what that future will be.

I do not take any endorsement lightly.  Every time a group or an organization is willing to back my name with their name, I know that I carry both of our reputations going forward.  If elected, I will face every challenge optimistically, use every opportunity enthusiastically and deal with everything openly.

I'm Kyle LaMalfa, and I would be humbly honored to be your next city council member.

Salt Lake Police Association endorses Kyle LaMalfa for City Council

Newcomer Kyle LaMalfa garners the coveted endorsement of the Salt Lake Police Association.  

August 22nd, 2011

The Salt Lake Police Association (SLPA) enthusiastically endorses Kyle LaMalfa for Salt Lake City's District 2 City Council seat.  The SLPA feels that Mr. LaMalfa is the best possible candidate for this office because of his commitment to the officers who protect the residents of Salt Lake City.

“Kyle has shown a history of bringing people together in District 2. The SLPA looks forward to working with Kyle and the community he will represent.  Together, we will ensure the safety of the residents and the officers that serve the community,“ said Tom Gallegos, President of the SLPA, who called LaMalfa earlier last week to tell him the good news.

“Kyle brings a energy and new blood to the city council and the SLPA thinks he will be a welcome addition.  Kyle’s enthusiasm for problem solving through partnerships is shared by Salt Lake’s Police force and we’ll look forward to working with him.”

“We believe that Kyle is the best candidate to represent Glendale, Poplar Grove and all of District 2.  He will work for solutions that are win-win for Salt Lake City residents and the officers who protect them.”

“I am proud to receive the endorsement of the Salt Lake Police Association.  As council member, I will be a tireless advocate for public safety and the officers who protect and serve,” said LaMalfa.

The endorsement comes at a time when the Salt Lake City Police Department, along with the rest of the city, faces tough economic conditions. “We cannot let a down economy diminish our commitment to the city’s employees, particularly those that provide vital services, such as police,” LaMalfa said.

Since 1984, the Salt Lake Police Association has represented the officers of the Salt Lake City Police Department.  The SLPA represents 350 dedicated police officers in the Salt Lake City Police Department.

Salt Lake City Council District 2 is comprised of the Glendale and Poplar Grove neighborhoods as well as parts of Fairpark and Jordan Meadows.

Dirty Politics Enters Salt Lake City Council Race

Mailings in the Salt Lake City Council District 2 race attempt to divide communities and falsely portray a candidate as anti-LDS.

Salt Lake City, August 7, 2011 — Defamatory mailings and whisper campaigns appear to be the tactics of one of Kyle LaMalfa’s two opponents in the Salt Lake City Council District 2 primary race, which takes place on September 13.

Last week a District 2 resident notified LaMalfa that she had received a postcard with LaMalfa’s campaign logo. The postcard maligned both of LaMalfa’s opponents for being members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and Republican while highlighting LaMalfa’s participation in Salt Lake City’s Gay Pride Parade. The postcard had no contact information or return address, leaving the sender anonymous.

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Kyle LaMalfa - Stump Speech


"As councilman, I’ll work to keep the district informed about what’s going on and what we can do to make a difference in our community."


In April, Kyle LaMalfa gave the following speech to kickoff his candidacy for Salt Lake City Council - District 2.

Read the text of the speech and watch the video below.


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Comments on the Parole Violator's Center

Recently Utah Department of Corrections (UDoC) has announced another center for parolees will be placed in Glendale that will house approximately 300 offenders. The decision came as a result of poor research and poor public process. Residents are scared for their safety and for the prospect of diminished property values.  In light of what looks inevitably harmful, there is a positive way forward.

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Agent for Change: Westside Wonder

Catalyst Magazine, November 2009

rasmussen_2An hour before sunset, Kyle LaMalfa walks me through rows of tall, leafy tomato vines. He stoops and plucks an oddly shaped red bulb and offers it to me. It’s a variety of heirloom tomato, its sides deeply grooved and wildly colored. We move on to rows of squash, sunflowers, trellises of aromatic hops. At the far end of the property are beehives. A greenhouse stands just outside the back door.

Kyle owns this lot and the one next to it; half an acre in all. This is an urban farm, located around 200 South and 800 West, just blocks from downtown in the Glendale neighborhood—not some huge plot of land on the outskirts of the valley. Read more...

A Sunday at the Market

SLUG Magazine, September, 2009

Ah, it’s another beautiful Sunday afternoon at the market. The cool fall breeze is blowing through the gardens. Kids and adults are sack-racing. One of the vendors is taking a break for a moment to huck a few lines in the skatepark. Fresh produce is available all around, along with all sorts of unique and handmade crafts. The lady over there is offering a free coconut hand scrub, and the group meditation is going to start in 20.

Wait—which market are we at again?

Welcome to the People’s Market. Every Sunday morning and into the afternoon, vendors and farmers from all around the Salt Lake Valley and beyond gather at the Peace Gardens on 1000 West and 900 South to sell their produce and wares. All of this hoopla was started four years ago by Kyle LaMalfa selling produce on a lone card table just a few blocks down the street from his home. “A couple people came to that, really not too many,” says LaMalfa. As it went on, attendance began to increase. Some people expressed interest in selling their own goods. Others offered services for the market, such as painting signs and advertising it in newsletters. “Before you knew it, there were people that started wanting to give more and more. It just sorta took off on its own two feet.”

As the People’s Market grew over the years, it found its current home at the Peace Gardens. Read more...

People's Market - a leading organization

Salt Lake Tribune, July 21, 2010

Growing up on a farm in Idaho, Nicole Clawson loved eating home-grown produce. But the Salt Lake City woman has a hard time shelling out big bucks for fresh fruits and vegetables on her tight budget today.

A new program at the People’s Market aims to change that. This summer families can bring their Horizon food assistance cards to the market and get their money doubled, allowing them to purchase twice as much fresh food.

The program works on a token system, said market founder and president Kyle LaMalfa. 

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