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"Your endorsement goes here..."

Would you like to endorse Kyle LaMalfa for City Council in District 2?  Would you post a Kyle LaMalfa sign? Would you like to help some other way? Contact the campaign now and let us know...

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Archie Archuleta

Community activist and Glendale resident


"In the time that I've seen him in action, I've seen him become a part of the community. He doesn't just look at it, he's not a passer-by. Now, he's ready to do what I think he was born with. 

He is truly one who will listen to us and one who speak up for us. He is one who will work for us and represent us.  He is one who asks questions of us - what do you want to see in our community in the future?"



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Alama Uluave

Salt Lake City School Board, Precinct 2


"Kyle LaMalfa is our new representative for the future.  He can unite our diverse Westside communities for a better life.  He is an innovative leader who has demonstrated how to get things done right the first time.  As a priority, he supports the education of our children!!  And that is one reason why I am voting for LaMalfa TO BECOME our next City Council Representative, for District 2. Together, we can build a better future for ourselves in a stronger community!"

Click below for the full text of Alama's endorsement speech and watch the video!

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Danny Potts

coach_potts_endorses_kyle_lamalfaPoplar Grove resident, community activist, former West High wrestling coach

"Kyle LaMalfa not only hears what people say, he also actually "listens" to what they say. Because he has demonstrated that he is a good team player he has the support of everyone he has listened to.  Kyle not only finds out the problems but he also does something about them."

-Coach Dan Potts

Arlyn Bradshaw

Salt Lake County Council Representative - District 1

Bradshaw"I know Kyle as a tireless worker and a passionate advocate for the west side. 

From the Westside Leadership Institute to founding People's Market, and through many boards and commissions in between, Kyle has been actively serving west side residents for years.

Now, I'm glad to see that he's looking to do more by serving on the City Council where he can better advance the interests of the west side. 

I'm endorsing Kyle because he has truly demonstrated that he has the leadership to bring people together and get things done."

Gina Zivkovic

Fairpark resident and Urban Growth Community Garden Founder

More coming soon...

Raymond Hoskins

Long-time Glendale resident

"Kyle LaMalfa has my endorsement & vote for District 2, SLC Council. Ya know why? He knocked on my door & listened to me bitch about crime & stuff in my neighborhood. When he said, "I've got the Graffiti Removal # on speed-dial, " I knew this dude would rock the West Side back onto a civilized trajectory.

This is a rock solid endorsement from the real people who live here. The Peoples' Market is the most positive thing to happen in our community in a long time. LaMalfa's endeavor to bring people together translates into positive political action."

-Ray Hoskins

Edie Trimmer

eddie_trimmer_endorses_kyle_lamalfaPoplar Grove resident and community activist

"I believe Kyle LaMalfa will provide the leadership and voice for our westside neighborhoods. We should, and Salt Lake City should, celebrate our uniqueness and sense of community, our presence as an urban neighborhood close to downtown, our pride in our interesting histories. I want us to be the place to live, shop, hang out and Kyle will get us there."

-Edie Trimmer

Watch a wonderful video here

Billy Palmer

Glendale resident and community activistbill_palmer_endorses_kyle_lamalfa

Watch Billy's endorsement here!

"I enthusiastically support Kyle LaMalfa for City Council district 2. Kyle has the ability to turn Ideas into action, the ability to really listen to the problem and become part of the solution, and he knows how to build partnerships in order to create lasting positive change.

I first met Kyle while we both were attending the Westside Leadership Institute in 2004.  I considered Kyle to be an intelligent person with a good but pretty lofty idea that is now the Peoples Market.  Since our time at the WLI I have watched Kyle in action, rooting himself into our community and working hard to create new opportunities for our youth and our local businesses. 
Kyle sees our neighborhoods the same way I do. He understands the strength in our diversity and is willing to face the challenges to preserve our unique community but improve our quality of life on the west side." 

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Days Until Election

General election is
November 8th, 2011.
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