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Kyle LaMalfa Running for Reelection



February 17, 2015

Contact: Kyle LaMalfa



Salt Lake City Council Member Kyle LaMalfa Running for Reelection


SALT LAKE CITY - Sitting District 2 Council Member Kyle LaMalfa is running for reelection this year.  “My reelection to this office will help the westside expand the renaissance happening now. I am driven to serve the people of Salt Lake City and District 2.” LaMalfa said.


On a wave of grassroots support and ground-level campaigning, voters first elected LaMalfa in 2011. LaMalfa’s focus for the last three years has been on making sure the city is positioned to help the westside realize it’s unique potential.  


LaMalfa continued, “Frankly everyone was surprised that I could be so productive. Much has improved since taking office but our neighborhoods can still achieve more.”


Immediately after his swearing in 2012, LaMalfa was selected by his peer council members to chair the city’s Redevelopment Agency.  In 2013, LaMalfa was chosen to chair the full Council.


“The adoption of the Westside Master Plan and funding for it’s implementation represents the will of westside residents and sets up the opportunity for positive change,” LaMalfa said. “If I had to name a biggest priority, it would be to see the city take the execution of that plan seriously.”


The Westside Master Plan lays out a roadmap to improve neighborhoods, the Jordan River, business nodes, redwood road, the industrial districts and public spaces on the city’s west side.


Highlights of LaMalfa’s accomplishments on the council include:

  • Funding the city’s participation in Community Learning Centers, particularly in Glendale

  • Improving the way the city involves residents through the public engagement process, particularly in the Westside Master Plan

  • Establishing the art accessibility program so low-income people can attend shows at the new downtown performing arts center

  • Ensuring the people of Salt Lake City had their voice heard by the Move to Amend vote

  • Expanding the Youth City program to include kids from the westside

  • Teaching over 1,000 7th graders (over 3 years) the importance of local government

  • Revolutionizing Salt Lake City’s approach to solving crimes of rape and sexual assault

  • Opening the Glendale Library

  • Prioritizing the immediate implementation of the Westside Master Plan


Kyle LaMalfa

1159 S 900 W

SLC, UT 84104


This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


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Westside E-5-0 Winners

Seven of our fellow west siders have been recognized among the top 50 in Utah for their creativity and entrepreneurship.  This is a great honor for our community and further evidence of the growing prominence that our neighbors are doing great things.

The E-5-0 awards sponsored by the Community Foundation recognizes the top 50 enlightened citizens of Utah. These awards recognize community members of all walks of life who value entrepreneurship, creativity and improving the quality of life for all Utahns.

Below is a list of west side winners being recognized for this wonderful distinction. And at the bottom is a list of several other prominent Utahns to receive the recognition.  For more information, click here

Congrats E-5-0 winners of the west side! Nominees and winners, you are taking our community in the right direction!

And, congrats to our other west side nominees.  Let’s make sure you are in the E-5-0 next year! ?
Other notable winners:

Why you want Kyle LaMalfa for City Council

Salt Lake Tribune Endorses Kyle LaMalfa


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A Working Leader

We need a working leader to stand up for the west side. Kyle has a history of working on issues of education, local business, and the environment throughout the 2nd District. As councilman, Kyle will be responsive to the needs of our community and will be an active voice on the City Council.

A Stronger Community

Our City Council needs to focus on priorities that make our community stronger. Those priorities start with education. As councilman, Kyle will build partnerships between the City, the School District and the community to provide programs that will increase literacy and opportunities for students at all levels. In addition to education, our City Council needs to address west side concerns. From streetlights and potholes to graffiti and yard waste, Kyle will work to improve our neighborhoods.

We also need more voices to represent our west side who value the diversity of our neighborhoods. Kyle will fight for more residents on city boards and commissions, empowering our neighborhoods to work for a stronger community together.

A Plan for Our Future

We need to be planning for the future of our city. As our west side grows, we must consider a dynamic mix of housing, business, transportation, and open space needs. Kyle will ensure that future planning benefits all of us living and working on the west side today and tomorrow.

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